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fandom-vision: I love your work, one, and two, don't worry about Norman. He knew asking for fanart would swamp that email addy he put out there. He's well aware of what it entails to do such things. So, lay that concern aside! Also, you DEFINITELY should send something. Absolutely!

Thank you ♥, one, and two…
*sigh* yes, probably you all are right: you, dingoespain who pushed me yesterday night ♥ and simplyanotherstatistic and allmonstersrhuman that are saying I must… :P

And maybe I’m just pushing myself down because lately my works just received a series of “no”, but it’s life right? 
I think I should push myself up again and give this a try 

allmonstersrhuman: LUCIAAAAA please tell me you're going to submit some of your arts?!! You have so many and they're all so good. I think you have a strong chance of one of yours getting chosen!

Thank you Kristy :)

Honestly at first I’ve thought “no”, just because I’m sure he’s being submerged by submissions with all kind of type of works. I’m just undecided to send something or not… and then… which one?! lol I have TONS of shit with him as subject XD

I should maybe make a new one and then, don’t think I have a strong chance to be choosen, because the fandom have TONS of people with awesome and lovely works :)

Mood of this week…

This freeze frame of Sean Patrick Flanery.


do WHAT??! lol

exactly X°D

And when you start to think that the NR tag can’t be worse, suddenly there’s pinched nipples and vaginas.


Norman Reedus bigbaldhead @wwwbigbaldhead for D’Urban *_*


Hey Jude, don’t let me down

You have found her, now go and get her

Remember to let her into your heart

Then you can start to make it better

- The Beatles, Hey Jude

laxmorales replied to your post: I took a selfie this morning.

HAHAHAHAHA, i love you.

secretly-a-zombie reblogged your post I took a selfie this morning. and added:

AHAHAH LUCIA MY GOD. how do I love you more. XD

I don’t want to say anything but I’m still in the same mood of that “selfie” X°D

rick grimes & daryl dixon
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